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Aims & Objectives at Burgh House

This home believes that every Resident has the right to live their life with privacy, dignity, independence and choice. Burgh House work in collaboration with all legal departments to uphold these rights.

Respect for Privacy & Dignity

The importance of preserving the privacy & dignity of our Residents should be paramount. Dependence on staff for help with personal care should not mean that their dignity is compromised or that their privacy is not respected. Our Residents should be treated AS ADULTS NEVER AS CHILDREN. We should all avoid adopting patronising attitudes and behaviour towards our Residents. Burgh House believes that privacy is an absolute right of every Resident and is an integral factor in the preservation of each individual’s personal dignity.

Maintenance of self-esteem

Staff should not make the mistake of seeing our Residents ONLY as frail old people who simply need help. Resident’s self-esteem will be enhanced if they feel valued and in this way their moral will be maintained. Staff should always treat our Resident’s with courtesy.


Our Resident’s may need time to do things themselves, staff and relatives should resist temptation to “take over” unless absolutely necessary; otherwise we may make the Resident unnecessarily dependent. Always help and encourage the Resident to think and act independently as far as this is compatible with their abilities. Burgh House considers it very important to provide all it’s Resident’s with discreet support and fully encourage them to stay in control of as many aspects of their lives as possible.

Choice & Control

Wherever possible, our Residents should be able to make for themselves the major decisions affecting their lives. They should also be able to choose how they spend their time from day to day. Choices should be negotiated between staff and relatives. Some of our Residents (particularly those who are frail and vulnerable) will need help to express their wishes and preferences. Burgh House aims to help Resident’s exercise the opportunity of choice and attempt at all times to maximise flexibility in routines of daily life with the home.

Recognitionl of Diversity & Individulity

Even though our Residents are living here with other people, they remain individuals with their own likes and dislikes. Staff should be responsive to the requirements of the individual. Residents should feel that their needs will be responded to willingly by staff who understands the value of maintaining a sense of continuity and identity based on past traditions and practices.


We should ensure that our Residents are not subjected to inhuman or degrading treatment. We should always encourage freedom of expression, meaning the right to complain, to have opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas, particularly regarding personal care and treatment. If a Residents rights are restricted write it down and record it in the record book and clearly state why. We undertake a moral responsibility of anyone working in this home to respect the rights of our Resident’s at all times.